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Speak "Yes" To These 5 Ghost Immobiliser Installer Tips

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Ghost Immobiliser Range Rover

A ghost immobiliser on your range rover can protect your Range Rover from key cloning or hacking. It also helps to prevent key theft. Installed discretely into your original wiring harness, the Autowatch ghost immobiliser is a system that provides you with security that is automatic.

You can also deactivate the system with no hassle using an iOS or Android app.

What is a ghost immobiliser?

If you're fortunate enough to own a Range Rover, it's only natural to want to protect it against theft. As more vehicles become keyless and hackable, thieves are able to steal your pride and joy in a matter of seconds. This is why an immobiliser that is ghostly is so important.

Ghost immobilisers prevent your vehicle from starting until you enter a unique pin number. The code is entered by through buttons on the vehicle like those on the steering wheel, the centre console or door panels. only you will be able to identify the pin code. The device detects vibrations, contact, damage, or even attempts to enter your vehicle.

The device is connected to the vehicle's CAN data network. It will only allow the engine to start if the correct pin code is entered. This means that a burglar cannot just add a key or replace the ECU since it will not recognize the changes. It is also designed in a manner that it cannot be detected by diagnostic tools, and it cannot be hacked using radio signals.

It is important that you install your Range Rover Ghost as soon as you are able. The device will not just fight hacking, but also protect your car against key hacking, signal jamming and vehicle fraud.

Ghost is a new generation immobiliser that works without the necessity to cut wires or purchase aftermarket key fobs. The Ghost device is compatible with the CAN system and makes use of factory buttons to create a push-sequence for a PIN code that must be entered in order to operate the vehicle. This is the most secure security for your Range Rover from hacking and other methods of modern-day vehicle theft.

Once you've got your Range Rover ghost 2 immobiliser problems installed it is extremely simple to use. The system can be controlled and disarmed using our dedicated iOS and Android app, or with a ghost 2 Bluetooth tag (sold separately). It is also possible to activate valet mode, which permits you to operate your vehicle according to set parameters but does not require the PIN code which makes it ideal for handing it over to valet service.

Protection from Key Cloning and Key Theft

The Ghost is the latest generation of immobilisers that guard your Range Rover against modern car thieves. In contrast to other immobilisers that require a specific key fob to operate The ghost immobiliser range rover is hidden within the wiring of your vehicle so that it won't be noticed by a burglar without removing the vehicle. This makes it an ideal solution to protect yourself from modern methods of theft, like key cloning, or key theft.

The device connects to the CAN network within your vehicle and allows you to create an unique PIN code by pressing the buttons on your dash or steering wheel. The Ghost will not allow your Range Rover to start until you have entered the correct PIN code. This means that a burglar would have to spend hours figuring out the right combination of button presses to gain access into your vehicle and take it.

The device can be placed anywhere on your vehicle since it utilizes the CAN network. A thief cannot use sophisticated RF scanning, code-grabbing technology to detect the unit because it does not send out any signals as do traditional security systems. The thief is unable to hear the sound of a traditional relay since it communicates directly with the ECU via the data bus.

The Ghost is also sealed, meaning it isn't able to be removed or damaged. It's also small enough to fit inside the vehicle harness, so it can't easily be discovered by a criminal who might try to disable it by cutting wires or cutting the harness.

The Ghost is a tried and tested method to safeguard your Range Rover against key-cloning, key theft and hacking. The ghost immobiliser liverpool is not a replacement for other methods of defence for example, parking the Range Rover in a driveway or garage if possible. This makes it more difficult for a criminal to take it.

Can Ghosts be hacked?

It can be alarming for owners to see their Range Rovers appear in the top 10 most stolen cars each year. This is because of the keyless entry feature of the vehicle, making it a perfect vehicle for thieves. They can take your vehicle in a matter of seconds by using techniques like relay attacks.

But, there are ways to protect your car from thieves and the most effective method is to install an immobiliser ghost. This cutting-edge device stops your car from starting until an additional code sequence is entered alongside your key fob. It does this by using buttons on your car such as those on the steering wheel or door panels, or on the centre console to enable you to create a disarm sequence (like pin codes) that needs to be entered before the vehicle will start and drive away. This will not only stop your car being cloned by hackers, but it will also deter thieves from trying to steal it in the first instance.

Installing a ghost immobiliser into your Range Rover is easy and silent. It doesn't require wiring. It utilizes the CAN data circuit to communicate with your ECU and is not detectable using diagnostics or radio signals and can be utilized in conjunction with your existing key fob, so you don't have to worry about needing to carry a separate remote control.

The most modern aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser available on the market the Autowatch Ghost is Tassa approved and offers the highest security level to safeguard your Range Rover from hacking, key cloning and even theft. It will shut down the key functions of your vehicle until the unique pin code is entered. This will disable your engine and prevent your vehicle from being stolen by thieves, even if they have your keys.

You may have seen videos on YouTube claiming that you can bypass any bus blocker using the use of a paperclip, however this isn't true. Only specialist tools designed for a specific vehicle can be used to bypass an immobiliser from Ghost. These are not available in the UK. We offer a full money-back Guarantee* on each Ghost installation we perform in the UK.

Service Mode

Despite being one of the most advanced automobiles on the market, the Range Rover is still a popular target for thieves. Having a ghost immobiliser installed can help to deter them from your vehicle and make sure that your car is secure throughout the day. The system is discreet and inaccessible to thieves since it doesn't emit any kind of signal, unlike other systems that employ LED indications or key-fobs. Instead, it uses the buttons on your steering wheel, door Ghost Immobiliser Range Rover and dashboard to create a unique sequence which must be entered before the vehicle is able to start. Here's how it works:

Manufactured by Autowatch and installed by Eurotec Motors, the ghost immobiliser prevents your vehicle from starting until a specific sequence of buttons is pressed. This unique sequence can be changed at anytime. This means that if your car is stolen, the thief will not be able to start it since they do not know the code. The system can also be incorporated with external trackers and alarms (Brand dependent). This will add a further layer of security for your vehicle as the immobiliser is able to take precedence over signals from external devices.

Once installed, you can arm and disarm your Ghost with the smart-phone app that comes with it or a bluetooth tag (Sold separately). You can arm your car with these tags, without having to remember your PIN. You can also set the device in transport mode to drop off your vehicle at garages. This will disable all automatic alarms to prevent theft for 10 hours, keeping your vehicle secure while being transported.

Contact us if are interested in learning more about ghost vehicle immobiliser Immobilisers for Range Rovers, or if you would like to know more about the product. We provide a mobile service in the UK and will demonstrate how to fit a ghost immobiliser it operates. We will then provide you with the owner manuals, installation certification and emergency cards for your vehicle as well as a 2 year device warranty.


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