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Ghost Vehicle Immobilisers

Ghost is an invisible immobiliser that shields your car from key hacking or the cloning process. It is difficult to identify, low-maintenance and insurance approved.

It uses existing buttons on your steering wheel, centre console, and door panels to create a unique, customizable disarm sequence. This is the only way to start your car and makes it impossible for thieves to get around it.

It's simple to install

A vehicle immobiliser is a security device that blocks your car from starting if the wrong key or fob is used. It is extremely difficult to identify or defeat, unlike physical deterrents like a wheel clamp or lock. It is more effective than conventional alarm because it prevents the vehicle from starting.

ghost immobiliser fitting birmingham is a new product by a South African company that is at the forefront of car safety systems technology. It provides protection against key hacking and cloning as well as key theft. It's invisible to hi-tech criminals using diagnostic tools because it doesn't block radio signals. The only way a thief could steal a vehicle with the Ghost immobiliser fitted is by physically towing it away. And even then they won't be allowed to drive it!

This sophisticated device is a discreet and unnoticeable device that can be fitted by an TASSA certified technician. It is connected to the car's CAN network for data and configured by a unique PIN via buttons on the dashboard or steering wheel. It's then completely hidden behind your vehicle's OEM panels and doesn't rely on LED indications or key-fobs to show it. It's also extremely easy to use since you only need to connect it to your mobile device via Bluetooth to remotely disarm the device and begin your car. You can also set up a valet mode to allow you to hand over your car to a service centre or valet without them needing to know your pin code.

You can also program your ghost vehicle immobiliser immobiliser to have a unique disarming sequence of up to 20 presses. This can be altered at anytime. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to bypass the security of your vehicle system or accidentally disable the device. There is also a 'service mode' which you can activate that enables your vehicle to be operated and driven without the PIN code. This feature is particularly useful for those who frequently utilize their vehicle for business.

It's difficult to discern

Ghost vehicle immobilisers can be a discreet method to protect your pride from car thieves. The device is hidden inside the wiring and functions in a silent manner, not emitting radio signals so that criminals who might try to steal it will not be able to detect it. This makes it virtually impossible for thieves to disable it and stop your vehicle from getting started which makes it a worthy investment for any responsible vehicle owner.

The standard vehicle immobiliser fitted by the manufacturer is deactivated by the signal from your key fob sent to the car's ECU. Ghost devices add an additional layer of security by connecting directly to the CAN data network. This means that even if a burglar could get hold of this unique code, they will be unable to start your car.

It's also possible to create your ghost system so that it only starts after a unique pin code is entered through the buttons on your steering wheel doors, door panels or central console. You can create a unique sequence of disarming which requires between four and twenty button presses. This makes it nearly impossible for thieves.

The device's ability to work independently from your current key fob means it's also able to block new high-tech methods of theft such as relay boxes, signal jamming, and devices that spoof the original key signal. It's also able to stop a thief by utilizing a device that amplifies the transponder from your home to your vehicle - making it difficult for them to take away your pride and joy.

The ghost immobiliser range rover device can be used to enter "service mode" which allows you to drive your vehicle without the need for PIN codes. This is a useful option if you wish to park your vehicle in a public area or take it to a garage to get repairs. This feature can be changed anytime, making sure that only you have access.

The Ghost device can be fitted by our qualified technicians without causing harm to the internal structure of your vehicle and can be removed with ease if you decide to sell or replace your vehicle. The device can be placed on the engine or ignition wiring and concealed in your vehicle. It is small, hidden within the wiring of your vehicle, and quiet, meaning any potential burglar wouldn't be able find it or disable it.

It's low maintenance

The Ghost immobiliser is a discreet vehicle security device that was designed to be hard to detect by thieves. It's discreet, operates in a quiet manner, and doesn't emit radio signals. It is an excellent alternative to security devices that emit indicators with LEDs or radio frequencies. It is also able to be fitted without leaving any traces on the interior of the vehicle, which is an attractive feature for those looking to safeguard their most precious possessions.

The device is also designed to block new high-tech methods of theft, such as reprogramming the ECU or jamming signals. This is due to the fact that it doesn't have circuit breaks and doesn't send any RF (radio frequency) signals. In addition, it cannot be detected by a common thief's diagnostic tools or by the code-grabbing device.

The device can also be reactivated by entering a unique PIN code for your vehicle. The device can also be put in service mode, which allows the car to start and drive for a set period of time. If the code is forgotten or the car is sold, the device can be reset to a different code. The system can be utilized together with a GPS tracking system, which acts as an effective deterrent to potential thieves and can help in the recovery of vehicles that are stolen.

ghost 2 immobiliser near me immobilisers are fitted in a variety of vans and cars. It also works with electric vehicles. It is a great way to keep your vehicle safe even in a remote location. It is essential to hire an expert to install and secure the device. You should get estimates from several firms before making a decision. This will allow you to choose the most suitable service for your needs. It is also essential to choose an accredited company that is TASSA-approved. This will guarantee that the installation is completed correctly. It can also help you to avoid any fraudulent or misleading practices by unlicensed installers. This could save you money in the end.

It's insurance-approved

Immobilisers add an extra layer of security to your vehicle, stopping thieves from taking your pride and joy. It also protects your vehicle from theft but it also protects it from being damaged or vandalized. It's a small cost to get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your car will not be targeted.

Ghost is a new type of technology that is discreetly integrated into your vehicle's original wiring harness making it extremely difficult for thieves to escape or catch. The device works by connecting directly to the vehicles CAN data network and communicating with the ECU to generate an individual PIN code. The system is not noticeable because it doesn't emit radio signals or LED indicators, or even use key fobs. This makes it impossible for criminals to make use of diagnostic scans or radio frequency signal jammers to bypass the immobiliser or alter your ECU.

This also prevents thieves adding a new or replacing an existing key or hacking into your ECU. This is because the device communicates with your ECU through the CAN bus without the need for additional wiring or buttons that must be activated. It's also completely waterproof and tamperproof and can be reset using the new PIN code at any point.

This type of immobiliser is also a great option to reduce your car insurance premiums as many insurers are willing to offer discounts on policies for vehicles fitted with these devices. If you're thinking about installing an immobiliser it's best to get in touch with your insurance company as soon as you can.

Autowatch Ghost is an innovative new technology that shields your against key cloning as well as theft. It is the next-generation immobiliser that connects to the vehicle's CANbus and ghost Vehicle Immobiliser requires a PIN code. It is rated by Thatcham and approved by TASSA - the body that oversees South African security devices. It is simple to use, undetectable, and efficient.

The product is an anti-theft solution that can be utilized for vehicles, vans, motorcycles and lawnmowers. It will detect any vibrations or damage to your vehicle, or if someone tries to start it. You will be alerted through your phone. It's also a great option to protect your precious possessions from criminals while you're working or on vacation.


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