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Ghost Immobiliser Reviews

A ghost 2 immobiliser problems immobiliser can be installed inside your vehicle to stop theft. It connects to the CAN (Controller Area Network) data circuit and creating an individual pin code sequence that you only know.

It can also disable the engine if the sequence is not entered correctly. This makes it impossible for the vehicle to be driven away.

No Damage to the Internal Body of the Vehicle

The Autowatch ghost immobiliser is the most recent development in car security and can safeguard your vehicle from key blocking, signal jamming and other advanced theft techniques. It is a small, lightweight device that connects to your engine control unit via the CAN network. It is only activated with your unique PIN code. It is weatherproof and has an elegant design that makes it unnoticeable by thieves. It is also endorsed and easy to install by insurance companies.

In contrast to other immobilisers Ghost is quiet and operates in the background without showing LED indicators or radio frequencies. It can be deactivated by using the Autowatch app or a phone-tag that you can plug into your iPhone. It is possible to change it to a different code should you forget yours and can be utilized in conjunction with the existing buttons on your dashboard or steering wheel. The Ghost immobiliser comes with an option for valet and service mode that can be activated for a short period of time, allowing you to surrender your car for servicing or an MOT without having to give the PIN number away.

The best thing about the ghost immobiliser is that it doesn't leave marks on the internal body of the vehicle, which makes it a desirable option for those who plan to sell or develop their vehicle. This is particularly relevant for electric vehicles, which are now more popular than ever. Installing the ghost immobiliser is straightforward using the installation guide. However, it's important to find an installer that is TASSA accredited and has passed through extensive checks including CRB and identity checks prior to being permitted to install the device.

No Key-Fobs or LED Indications to Give Away Its Location

Many people invest a lot of time and money to keep their cars clean and presentable. The last thing they would want is someone to steal it. A ghost immobiliser can be a cost-effective and discreet security measure to safeguard your vehicle from hacking or key cloning.

Ghost immobilisers, unlike physical anti-theft devices like steering wheel locks, are hidden in the wiring of your car. They are almost impossible to detect and defeat. They also function in a different way than factory-installed immobilisers because they do not rely on radio signals but instead communicate with your vehicle's CAN Data network. This means that there are no circuit interruptions during installation, and the system is silent.

A ghost immobiliser stops your vehicle's engine from operating until the pin number or code is entered with the key fob of your vehicle. This prevents thieves from being able start your vehicle using the original key fob or through methods of theft via relays and is often a deterrent to them completely.

This method is very popular and can save you time and money. It allows you to keep your original keys and it also offers the option of a valet service that you can activate by entering a pin number on your phone. This is a great option if you have forgotten your pin or are a valet and need to let another person drive your vehicle whilst you are away. You can change the pin code any time you like, ensuring that you'll always have the system set up the way you like it. This makes the Ghost immobiliser among the most secure aftermarket systems available on the market today.

TASSA Accreditation

If you're looking for a discreet, undetectable way to prevent your car from being taken then our TASSA approved Ghost II immobiliser could be the ideal solution for your vehicle. Contrary to factory-installed immobilisers, which only stop the engine starting when the correct key fob is present, the ghost 2 immobiliser problems II system also includes systems that protect against jamming signals, Ghost Immobiliser Reviews device spoofing and other methods that thieves typically employ to break into and steal vehicles.

Created to work with your existing security that you have in place, the ghost immobiliser works inaccessible and operates silently through the CAN data network of the car. This means there is no need for cutting circuits during installation, which can be detected by thieves using modern diagnostic tools to determine the presence of security systems in vehicles. The system doesn't utilize radio frequency, therefore it is impossible for thieves to use sophisticated RF scanners and code-grabbing technologies to locate the ghost immobiliser.

Once activated (and the PIN is entered) it will shut down the engine, so that even if someone manages to take your car keys or vehicle the engine won't start. The app can be used to remotely deactivate the system from anywhere in the world. It takes less than a minute to deactivate the immobiliser from the app on your phone, meaning that even if you forget your pin or decide to sell your car, it's not going be a breeze for anyone else to take it away. it.

A ghost immobiliser how much is a ghost immobiliser suitable for a variety of vehicles that include motor homes vans, bikes, and even vans, as well as lawnmowers, plant machinery and automobiles. The addition of a ghost immobiliser your car can reduce your insurance costs because it's a recognised method of security that's approved by TASSA and may result in your insurance company offering a reduced cost.

Reset Codes

The Autowatch Ghost 2 immobiliser CAN is designed with a Service Mode that allows you temporarily start the car without using your PIN code. It's ideal for giving your car over to valet parking or servicing. The service mode shuts off after 30mph or a set time frame which makes it a highly useful feature that protects your vehicle.

The device is a small, electronic unit that is hidden discretely in your car's ignition. It shuts off the motor. It is connected to your vehicle's CAN Data Network and works in a silent manner, so that it cannot be recognized by thieves who could be watching for the distinctive relay clicks that come from the traditional immobiliser. The Ghost 2 is not detectable by scanners used to steal cars and is not able to use radio frequency.

Only the correct PIN code can allow your vehicle to start. The Ghost 2 also includes anti-hijack for a comprehensive security package that's only activated once the sequence for disarming is entered or the app is authorised.

This technology can be fitted to any vehicle that has an engine. This includes motorhomes, vans and even ride-on mowers. It is important to verify with your installer that they are certified and able to install this product. You can get an approved list of installers by going to the website of Autowatch UK.

Service Mode

The Ghost 2 Immobiliser has an option for service that allows your vehicle to start and drive without needing the PIN. This is ideal if you want someone else to clean your car or give it the service you want without having to hand over your keys or fob. You can also create a customized PIN that can be as long as 20 numbers and use the Autowatch app to authorize the car to start if you forget your PIN or have no smartphone with you.

It's also not detectable using tools for diagnosis that high-tech thieves use as there are no radio signals missing from the device. The Ghost is therefore completely secured from key cloning as well as signal jamming as well as device spoofing and other immobilisers.

Our system is easy to install, low-risk and does not require electrical reconfiguration. The CAN block is made by using a digital command on the CAN data network instead of cutting an actual wire. This makes it unrecognisable to RF scanning technology and code grabbing that is used by organised criminal gangs.

The Ghost is a CAN bus immobiliser that is the first aftermarket item in the world. It is a crucial layer of security to your car. It protects your Porsche against cloning, key theft and hacking by creating an unique push sequence that only you know. It uses the buttons on your vehicle's factory controls to enter this PIN, so even if the vehicle is remapped or been equipped with a replacement ECU, it isn't able to be reprogrammed to use a different fob or key and the car will not start.


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