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On what sites read information about Munich Finest Bakery?

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We bake fresh several times during the day and we try to do that according to true craftsmanship, as few machines as necessary, as much manual work as possible. Munich Finest Bakery - https://munichfinestbakery.com/
My name is Peter Dinzler, and I am the founder and owner of Munich Finest Bakery LLC. I have been in Dubai for almost two decades and I was missing fresh bread and brezen, baked the way how I knew it from Munich, my hometown.
So I decided to start my own Bakery business to enjoy fresh baked artisanal products. My motivation is to provide excellent and healthy bread, buns, pretzels and cakes. Now we are doing it not only for my family, but also for our customers looking for natural bead, made as generations of bakers made bread.
Most of our bread is based on sourdough, organic flour and ingredients for the benefit of all looking for sound, natural, sustainable bread made of natural raw materials.
We are fanatical supporters of freshness and aim to deliver the freshest baked products still warm from the oven at any time of the day.
Following the traditional ‘Slow Baking’ process, each dough ripens for 24 – 36 hours. Our focus is on quality not quantity. Research now recognizes that slow-baked bread is also more easily digested.
On his travels to France, Italy and Switzerland our master baker has studied the many traditional ways of baking. We are therefore able to offer a range of world class Grissini, Ciabatta and Focaccia.
Keeping the use of plastics to a minimum, we bake in small quantities to avoid any left overs. Any items not sold in the day are donated to charitable organizations.


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